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Behold, the R-Comp Tablet

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R-Comp Interactive have announced that they will be launching the R-Comp Tablet computer at next week’s Wakefield show.

An average Android tablet.

Running the Linux-based Android (v4 Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, the R-Comp Tablet will provide users with a RISC OS friendly handheld that they can transfer files between it and a RISC OS computer with ease.

Powered by a Cortex A8 architecture, the innards of the ARM based tablet will be very familiar to RISC OS users.  In R-Comp’s press release, Andrew goes on to state that the Cortex A8 architecture found in the tablet “ensures low power usage, meaning plentiful battery life, coupled with instant resume from standby etc.”

The tablet hooks up directly to USB-equipped RISC OS computers (eg. ARMini, Iyonix, RISCubes etc).  Once hooked up, it is directly accessible, and files can be transferred to and from like you would on a normal hard disk.

R-Comp’s press release goes into more detail regarding their new release: “This ensures superb viewing from almost any angle, and pristine colour reproduction – it’ll probably make your computer monitor look quite mundane by comparison!  With a wide range of brightness options and automatic lighting correction, you’ll find it comfortable to use in a variety of locations.

“Our setup work ensures you’ll be able to access a range of downloadable “apps”, books and movies from the Google Store, or via Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.  The tablet is comfortable with a huge range of eletronic document formats from PDF, to ePUB to Kindle / mobi, and even MS office documents thanks to free add-ons.  This makes it ideal for taking documents with you, either to read or edit.

“For example, any RISC OS document can be turned into a PDF file at a touch of a button via a variety of solutions (including our own PDF suite), and dropped onto the tablet to take away with you.

“The tablet also plays a wide range of music formats, and can even stream content to your hi-fi wirelessly.  It can be used with our MusicMan software to convert CDs for use on your computer or tablet.

“And, the tablet can also handle video up to full 1080p HD, and even send 3D video to your TV via the supplied HDMI hookup cable.  Indeed, all the cables you need are supplied – HDMI, USB connection for your computer, and even an extra USB cable for hooking up peripherals. Even headphones are included!

“Unlike Apple tablets, Flash is supported, which means you can access video content on YouTube and BBC iPlayer.  Indeed, the tablet offers a rich web experience, making it an ideal accompaniment to your RISC OS computer, whilst avoiding the dreaded “Wintel” monopoly!  It is ideal for having access to web pages in rooms where you wouldn’t normally have a computer – eg. recipe listings in the kitchen, or looking up information while watching TV in the lounge.”

The R-Comp Tablet will be available as of next Saturday for the modest sum of 259ukp, for more information you can call R-Comp directly on 01925 755043. You also might want to bare in mind that the tablet does not support an ethernet cable, so you will require a wireless internet connection to use the machine to its full potential.

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